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Angela's Wish

Angela, 17, diagnosed with a neurological condition, wished to meet Cake Boss. 

When Angela arrived at the bakery, she and the other wish families were greeted by Mama, who told them some stories and sang a couple of songs before they were given a very special tour of the facility....

Kira's Wish

Kira, three was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and wished to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.

Toy Story is a popular topic in Kira's house with many hours spent watching the movies, playing the games and dressing up like Buzz and Woody.

When the moment finally came to meet the...

Brendan's Wish

Brendan is six years old and lives with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Brendan has always loved animals, so much so, his one true wish was to see a wild salmon run.

Brendan’s wish was as distinct and interesting as the child himself. After getting to know Brendan, the nurses at...

Graham's Wish

Graham is 10 years old and lives with a neurological condition. He loves all things Japanese; when we asked him for his most cherished wish he excitedly replied, "I wish to go to Japan!"

Graham and his family visited Tokyo and experienced everything Japan has to offer. They enjoyed the...

Drake's Wish

Drake, 10, diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, always dreamed of seeing a lion in the flesh, not simply in a zoo, but in Africa where they roam the plains in search of gazelles and other prey.

Drake's wish came true when his family traveled to Africa for an African Safari....

Ben's Wish

Benjamin, five, diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, wished to go to the Sesame Street Resort.  “We learned so much not only about Benjamin, but about ourselves and the people we were so fortunate to meet along this journey,” Ben's Mom, Kristi, explained about the trip. 

At the Beaches Resort in...

Shelby's Wish

Shelby is 17 and lives with thyroid cancer. For her one true wish, she wished to visit Australia. 

Shelby and her family landed in Cairns, Queensland, where they spent the first five days of their trip. Everyone was so friendly and laid back. The scenery was unbelievable too! Shelby got to...

Olivia's Wish

Olivia, five, lives with a cardiac condition and told Make-A-Wish that she wished to attend a Princess tea party.  

The wish was magical for the whole family and a wonderful way to reconnect. The most memorable part was seeing all the smiles - smiles have been lost from their home for...

Rachelle's Wish

Rachelle is ten years old and lives with a neurological condition. For her wish, Rachelle wished to swim with sea turtles.

On her wish day, Rachelle and her family were whisked away by limo to the airport to catch their flight to Maui. They were all so excited and couldn’t wait...

Miranda's Wish

Miranda, 15, who had a kidney transplant, is a true cowgirl at heart; she loves horses! Miranda wished to go to the set of her favorite tv show, Heartland! 

When they arrived on set, Gordon Imlach met with the family and was very kind, knowledgeable and excited to show Miranda...