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What is a DIY Event?

It's a fundraising event you plan yourself, using your own talents and network. Once your event is complete, you donate the proceeds you raised to Make-A-Wish! One of the best ways to bring a community together is to rally behind a great cause, and donor-planned DIY events are a unique and effective way to support Make-A-Wish. Kids are waiting for their wishes. Your fundraiser will help.

Can I raise money for my birthday, wedding or retirement?

You bet! If you'd just like a simple fundraising page to gather donations for a special event, check out our Birthday & Celebration Toolkit and set up your own personal donation page

What kind of event should I plan?

Need an idea to get you started? We have many! Check out some of the DIY Event Kits we have below; most of them can be executed either in person or virtually. 


I've decided on an event! What do I do next?

For more information, check out our Donor Event Guide. Before beginning any event, contact us to complete your Fundraising Forms. Get started today!

There are other ways to give to Make-A-Wish. Discover them here.

Fundraising Forms

We ask that you complete a fundraising agreement form before embarking on any fundraising event using the Make-A-Wish® name.

This agreement will help us determine how we may be able to provide support to help you promote your fundraising effort.

Please read through the Donor Event Guide, fill out the Fundraising Application and email it to Michelle Goulet (or fax to 780.489.9477).